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What is a Headphone Amplifier?

You may be asking what a headphone amplifier does and if you need one - read on!

If you use headphones, the music getting pumped to them has to come from an amplifier. If you are using something like a phone, MP3 player or computer there is a small amplifier in there feeding music to your headphones. This little circuit can only do so much and often listeners find this lacking in performance. Especially if you use good headphones.

If you were to use a headphone amplifier it would go between your player/PC and your headphones. In one side your music comes in to the amplifier and on the other your headphones are plugged in.


A headphone amplifier like the ones available here take the heavy work away from the internal circuit in the player and lets more current into your headphones with more accuracy.




The little amplifier circuit inside the player often can't keep up with a demanding listeners needs. Having to amplify music while providing large current to the headphones means the end result in the headphones is less than ideal. The internal amplifier can't reliably reproduce the music due to power supply fluctuations inside your player and current supply limitations of the internal amplifier. This isn't just about getting huge volume - even at low volumes some sources are already distorting your sounds.

Furthermore, better headphones often need higher current than a standard player can supply.

So it's fair to say that if you enjoy your music and have headphones that cost more than a cup of coffee you will enjoy a better musical experience using an amplifier between your source and headphones to take the stress away from your device.